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BMW Museum Munich 2017 Part 1.

BMW 3.0 CSL Race Car (E9) '1971–75

Friday, 7 October 2016

ABC Motors 31st Anniversary Expo Coverage October 2016.

        31 Years is a milestone that deserves celebration. There is no better way to celebrate a company like ABC Motors, than to organize a unique Automotive expo. From the 1st to the 2nd  October  2016,  petrolheads  and  car enthusiasts  of  Mauritius  gathered  at  the Swami Vivekananda International Convention Center.
        The crowd was in awe, the automotive diversity at display was pure gold. SP appointed photograph did not miss any of that action. Below is a collection of hand pick cars for your viewing pleasure. Props to his genius for some of most jaw dropping angles. From the unique Porsche LMP1 proto used in the development of the 24hr LeMans winning team with drivers such as Mark Webber, to  the  new  concepts  from Nissan, Jeep and Alfa Romeo, everyone from the automotive community of Mauritius could gaze upon those man made beauties. If only we could hit the track with them hunt down those apexes pushing to that ragged edge, feeling all of the raw power it would have been heaven. Year 2017 looks promising to the car enthusiast of Mauritius.

Saturday, 28 May 2016

Mercedes Benz Community Mauritius (MBCM) Road trip May 2016 Official Video.

After the photo coverage of the MBCM roadtrip, We are please to upload the Official video of the road trip.
MBCM Road trip May 2016

Thursday, 12 May 2016

Mercedes Benz Community Mauritius (MBCM) Road trip 2016.

              The MBCM organized their first road trip of 2016 on the past Sunday 1st May 2016. We were invited for the event coverage and met with the local Mercedes Benz owners and fans, brought all together by the initiatives of two young passionate guys,  Leckraj Poran and Nukhool Baijnath admin of the MBCM group with the aim of gaining more attention to their passion.The road trip started at the underground Parking of Jumbo Phoenix, then we drove to  Cascavelle and finished at La Citadelle in the capital of Port Louis. Due to the cold-windy-rainy morning the sun shows up in the afternoon. The road trip itinerary was altered from the initial route because of rain.
            While SP team was busy setting up our gears in the empty underground parking lot, the sound of different displacement engines were heard coming in our directions and if to paint a picture for you, the parking space was filled by a variety of classic and young timer Mercedes Benz cars from production period of the 76’s till now. Owners came with their family and other with friends to enjoy the day and it was quiet an experience.We definitely coming back next roadtrip and hopefully doing more photos and video. I would like to thank our second photoshooter Guirish Hurnaum for joining SP in the event coverage. I hope you enjoy the photos we put together for you.   

Photo Credits : Evans Anthony, Guirish Hurnaum.
Copyrights Snave Performance.


Tuesday, 10 November 2015

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Car Art Series

Thursday, 7 May 2015

Snave Performance Art Series

Hello SP aficionados around the world! It's been a long time since our last post on our beloved SP blog, to stay true to our passion and dedication we have been actively posting unique quality content on the daily at our Facebook page Come visit us like and comment today. We are constantly working round the clock collecting the best of the best and taking time selecting the one true automotive photography, video and events that speak passion for you guys. Today we proud to announce that something special is coming for you fans. Behind the scene our skillful and passion graphic artists, were busy the past few months concocting a unique and special set of illustrations of epic proportions. The art revolve around iconic cars, the best race cars that the motorsport scene has ever encountered, true legends of their era, all based on our list of all-time greats. Today we are launching SP ART SERIES especially dedicated to our special fans and all car enthusiasts around the world. We could wait any longer to show you, enjoy these sneak peeks of what is coming to our online store in prints soon.

Sunday, 3 February 2013

SP - Best of 2011- 2012 (Part_2)

We bring to you the best feeds from our Facebook page of 2011- 2012 to celebrate the passion and enthusiast that has taken over a lot of our lives to highlight great cars. From what we can make out there are plenty more to come. Enjoy ! SP

Notes : All info images were gathered from official sources and are not property of  Snave Performance. All credits goes to respective owners / photographers / tuner / pages.

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